Verse Wisconsin reviews Breath Control

There's an enthusiastic review of Breath Control in the July 2012 issue of Verse Wisconsin. Here's a snippet, about "Rereading the Aeneid...": "Deceptively simple, clean, and rooted in both the cerebration of language and the slap of emotion..."
Take a look!

More rave reviews

An attractive new journal called Angle Journal of Poetry in English is just out, with not one but two very favorable reviews of Breath Control. Here's an excerpt from Philip Quinlan's review: "This is the poetry of life as lived and reflected upon, rather than detachedly observed, and the language is that of a poet who is apparently holding a greater force in check," And Janet Kenny writes, "Breath Control is a journey which leaves the reader changed and enriched." You can read both reviews here: http://anglepoetry.yolasi

A Goodreads review for Breath Control

Here's an excerpt from the first review of Breath Control, by Toni Clark, on Goodreads:
"The poems in Breath Control are multilayered and complex. A poem titled "Shrubs for the Northern Garden" (one of my favorites) is about flowering plants that you can (forsythia, lilac) and cannot (azaleas, dogwood) have in the north. But it's really about a woman having to face the facts and come to terms with her father's fading memory....These poems are deep and deeply moving. Sometimes terrifying. And brutally honest."

Book distribution central!

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have ordered signed copies of Breath Control, and thanks too to all who have told me you've ordered the book from Amazon or other sellers. Big batches of books went into the mail last Tuesday, and again yesterday, 3/3. I have a message that at least one copy is in the hands of a reader. I'm grateful to you all.
I also have many more copies!