Gardening in a Time of War


“...really, really scary good! And it’s not just that these poems are good, they’re pertinent to the crucial things...the memory of parents who forgot your name, the frail comfort of growing flowers, the inevitability of future losses....their accuracy and visual sharpness...turning from casual observation to perfectly apt metaphor.”—Rhina P. Espaillat

"...brimming language and a sad, tender humor. In “Old World Charm” she brings a house to life, beginning: “Exactly as she’d feared, when he was gone / the house became despondent,” and ending: “So when they saw that she was all they had, / the faucets wept and would not be consoled.” Corbett resembles Mary Oliver in her vivid natural observations, laced with a dash of philosophy. ” —Joel Van Valin

(This chapbook, sadly, is out of print because the publisher has ceased operations, but much of it is avaliable online at Google Books.)