Maryann Z. Corbett
1800 Iglehart Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104-5214
     @MaryannCorbett (on Twitter)



BA in English with honors, College of William and Mary. Phi Beta Kappa.
MA, PhD in English, with minor in related fields, University of Minnesota.
Dissertation: “A Manuscript Study and Edition of Selections from The Northern Homily 
Collection,” 1981

1981-2016: Language specialist, Office of the Revisor of Statutes, Minnesota Legislature.
1978-1981: Scholastic Committee representative, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota
1973-1978: Teaching associate/composition instructor, Department of English Language and Literature, University of Minnesota. Courses taught: introductory composition, introduction to medieval literature, writing lab.

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Gardening in a Time of War (chapbook), Pudding House Publications, 2007
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Minnesota Rules Drafting Manual, 1984 ed.


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Old English:

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Joachim du Bellay, Sonnet 85 from Les Regrets, Light, (Summer 2013)


Old Occitan:
"Bertran de Born Sings of War," Able Muse (Winter 2011)
"Against the Clerics," (Peire Cardenal), Exchanges (Spring 2021)
"A Sirventes against the Sumptuary Laws," (P. Basc), Exchanges (Spring 2021)
Works in Anthologies:

"Ardors," in Imago Dei: Poems from Christianity and Literature (Abilene Christian University Press)
"Long Term Memory," in The Able Muse Anthology (Able Muse Press 2010) and Forgetting Home: Poems about Alzheimers (Barefoot Muse Press, 2013)
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"The Birders at Miesville Ravine," in Broad Wings, Long Legs: A Rookery of Heron Poems, Northstar Press, 2024.
Six poems in Contemporary Catholic Poetry: An Anthology, Paraclete Press, forthcoming 2024.




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First Book Panel, West Chester Poetry Conference, 2012
Panelist, "The Sonnet: Not Just for Men in Tights," AWP 2015
Panelist, "Merciful Visions" Writing the Rockies 2015, Western State Colorado University, Gunnison, Colorado
Panelist, "Medievalist Poets," Medieval Academy of America conference, 2016
"A String of Pearls: Translations of the Middle English Pearl," West Chester Poetry Conference, 2017
Panelist, Anthony Hecht panel, Poetry by the Sea 2018
Panelist, "Love Poems in Place: Ecotone Poets in Fourteen Lines," AWP 2020

Related experience:

Judge, 2011 Lorine Niedecker Poetry Award.
Moderator, Eratosphere online forum for formal poetry, 2006-2011; administrator, 2008-2011.  
Chapter president, American Society of Indexers, Twin Cities Chapter, 1995-1999


Lyric Memorial Prize, 2008
Willis Barnstone Translation Prize, 2009
Morton Marr Poetry Contest finalist 2009
Able Muse Book Prize finalist, 2011 and 2016
Richard Wilbur Book Award, 2014 for Mid Evil.
Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award finalist, 2014
Sheila Margaret Motton Book Prize finalist, 2021

Best of the Net nominations,  Able Muse 2010, Autumn Sky Poetry 2010 (finalist), The Barefoot Muse 2007, 2008, kaleidowhirl 2007

Pushcart nominations, The Barefoot Muse 2006, 2010; The Flea 2009; Umbrella 2008, 2010; The Chimaera 2011; The New Verse News 2013; The Freeman 2014; Wordgathering 2014; Presence 2017; BAP Board of Contributing Editors 2019; Presence 2022.

Forward Prize nomination, Bad Lilies 2021